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Cancer-Associated Fibroblasts Are Activated in Incipient Neoplasia to Orchestrate Tumor-Promoting Inflammation in an NF-kappaB-Dependent Manner.
Cancer-associated fibroblasts (CAFs) support tumorigenesis by stimulating angiogenesis, cancer cell proliferation, and invasion. We demonstrate that CAFs also mediate tumor-enhancing inflammation.Expand
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Numerical modeling of the geodynamo: Mechanisms of field generation and equilibration
Numerical calculations of fluid dynamos powered by thermal convection in a rotating, electrically conducting spherical shell are analyzed. We find two regimes of nonreversing, strong field dynamos atExpand
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PPARδ regulates multiple proinflammatory pathways to suppress atherosclerosis
Lipid homeostasis and inflammation are key determinants in atherogenesis, exemplified by the requirement of lipid-laden, foam cell macrophages for atherosclerotic lesion formation. Although theExpand
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The time-averaged magnetic field in numerical dynamos with non-uniform boundary heat flow
SUMMARY The time-averaged geomagnetic field on the core‐mantle boundary is interpreted using numerical models of fluid dynamos driven by non-uniform heat flow. Dynamo calculations are made at PrandtlExpand
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Mantle plumes control magnetic reversal frequency
Magnetic reversal frequency correlates inversely with mantle plume activity for the past 150 Ma, as measured by the volume production rate of oceanic plateaus, seamount chains, and continental floodExpand
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An experimental study of subduction and slab migration
Results of fluid dynamical experiments on the behavior of subducted slabs are presented that address two important characteristics of subduction: slab penetration through the transition zone andExpand
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A laboratory model of subduction zone anisotropy
Abstract Measurements of split seismic shear-waves near Pacific subduction zones show that fast polarization directions are primarily trench-parallel in the seaward-side mantle beneath a subductingExpand
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Experiments on convection in Earth’s core tangent cylinder
Abstract Results of thermal convection experiments in a rotating fluid with a geometry similar to the Earth’s core tangent cylinder are presented. We find four different states. In order ofExpand
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Structure of axisymmetric mantle plumes
Results of high-resolution numerical calculations of axisymmetric thermal plumes in an infinite Prandtl number fluid with thermally activated viscosity are used to infer the structure of axisymmetricExpand
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