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Is cost effective
EDITOR,—Roger N Baird and Mark Lambert are correct in stating that prevention of stroke is an important public health issue.1 There is now good evidence that treating hypertension in older patients,Expand
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How well prepared are graduates for the role of pre‐registration house officer? A comparison of the perceptions of new graduates and educational supervisors
The principal aim of undergraduate medical education is to produce competent pre‐registration house officers (PRHOs). We examined and compared the perceptions of graduates and educational supervisorsExpand
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Ethanol withdrawal and proclivity are inversely related in rats selectively bred for differential saccharin intake.
Withdrawal severity and voluntary alcohol consumption are inversely related in rats and mice. The present study demonstrated this empirical relation and extended it in two ways. First, the rats wereExpand
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Wheelchair ramp navigation in snow and ice-grit conditions.
OBJECTIVE To explore manual wheelchair propulsion strategies for ramp ascent and descent in snow and snow-ice-grit conditions. DESIGN Cross-sectional study. SETTING Climatic Engineering andExpand
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Role of renal sympathetic nerve activity in renal failure associated with obstructive jaundice in the rat.
The propensity for renal failure associated with obstructive jaundice and liver disease may be related to enhanced vasoconstriction of the renal vascular bed with resultant decreases in renal bloodExpand
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Caring for the Older Adult: A Health Promotion Perspective
THE NURSING ROLE IN CARE OF THE OLDER ADULT * Introduction to Health Promotion for the Older Adult * Promoting Health in a Culturally Diverse Older Adult Population * Promoting a Safe CareExpand
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Triage and outcome of patients with mediastinal penetrating trauma.
BACKGROUND A retrospective study was conducted detailing an experience with echocardiography and contrast-enhanced helical computed tomographic angiographic (CTA) scans in the evaluation of stableExpand
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Structural and functional links between olfactory and reproductive systems: puberty-related changes in olfactory epithelium
The structural and functional link between olfactory reproductive systems in male and female platyfish (Xiphophorus maculatus) is demonstrated by the connection of receptors in the nasal epitheliumExpand
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Disasters and mass casualties: I. General principles of response and management.
Disaster planning and response to a mass casualty incident pose unique demands on the medical community. Because they would be required to confront many casualties with bodily injury and surgicalExpand
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