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“To dryness and beyond” – Preparation for the dried state and rehydration in vegetative desiccation-tolerant plants
The ability of vegetative plant tissues to survive desiccation is an uncommon trait, although plants that are able to do this represent all major classes of plants. Two classes of vegetativeExpand
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Finding horse meat in beef products--a global problem.
  • P. O'mahony
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  • QJM : monthly journal of the Association of…
  • 1 June 2013
The Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI) oversees the implementation of food safety controls in Ireland which are set out in EU and Irish law. The FSAI, a science-based consumer protectionExpand
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Characterization of a desiccation-responsive small GTP-binding protein (Rab2) from the desiccation-tolerant grass Sporobolus stapfianus
We have used differential display to detect altering mRNA levels in response to desiccation and rehydration in leaves of the desiccation tolerant grass Sporobolus stapfianus. One of the RT-PCRExpand
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Isolation of Arabidopsis mutants lacking components of acquired thermotolerance.
Acquired thermotolerance is a complex physiological phenomenon that enables plants to survive normally lethal temperatures. This study characterizes the temperature sensitivity of Arabidopsis using aExpand
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Identification of acquired thermotolerance deficiency within the ditelosomic series of 'Chinese spring' wheat.
Abstract The relative contribution of individual heat shock proteins to acquired thermotolerance was evaluated through analysis of chromosomal deletions in a ditelosomic series of the hexaploid wheatExpand
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Nationalism and Social Theory: Modernity and the Recalcitrance of the Nation
Why has nationalism proved so durable? What are the roots of its appeal? This sharp and accessible book slices through the myths surrounding nationalism and provides an important new perspective onExpand
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Regulation of juvenile hormone esterase gene transcription by juvenile hormone.
Juvenile hormone (JH) is a major hormone regulating insect development. We have obtained a cDNA and a genomic clone for juvenile hormone esterase (JHE), the enzyme that is involved in the degradationExpand
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The involvement of ubiquitin in vegetative desiccation tolerance
We have isolated a polyubiquitin cDNA from the modified desiccation-tolerant grass Sporobolus stapfianus. This cDNA, along with a commercially available polyclonal ubiquitin antibody, was used toExpand
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Nature, risk, and responsibility : discourses of biotechnology
Notes on the Contributors Introduction: Biotechnology, Uncertainty and Contestation P.O'Mahony PART ONE: THEORETICAL REFLECTIONS ON BIOTECHNOLOGY AND RESPONSIBILITY The Civilisation of the Gene:Expand
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The effect of desiccation and rehydration on the integrityof small subunit ribosomal RNAs in desiccation tolerantand intolerant plants
The integrity of small subunit rRNAs during a desiccation/rehydration event in desiccation tolerant and intolerant plants was determined. Ribosomal RNAs were stable in the fully tolerant TortulaExpand
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