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An 820μW 9b 40MS/s Noise-Tolerant Dynamic-SAR ADC in 90nm Digital CMOS
Current trends in analog/mixed-signal design for battery-powered devices demand the adoption of cheap and power-efficient ADCs. SAR architectures have been recently demonstrated as able to achieveExpand
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Noise Analysis of Regenerative Comparators for Reconfigurable ADC Architectures
The need for highly integrable and programmable analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) is pushing towards the use of dynamic regenerative comparators to maximize speed, power efficiency andExpand
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Secure State Estimation for Cyber-Physical Systems Under Sensor Attacks: A Satisfiability Modulo Theory Approach
Secure state estimation is the problem of estimating the state of a dynamical system from a set of noisy and adversarially corrupted measurements. Intrinsically a combinatorial problem, secure stateExpand
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A 6-bit 50-MS/s threshold configuring SAR ADC in 90-nm digital CMOS
A threshold configuring SAR A/D converter is presented that programs its comparator threshold at runtime to approximate the input signal via binary search. Low power and small area are achieved via aExpand
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ABCD-NL: Approximating Continuous non-linear dynamical systems using purely Boolean models for analog/mixed-signal verification
We present ABCD-NL, a technique that approximates non-linear analog circuits using purely Boolean models, to high accuracy. Given an analog/mixed-signal (AMS) system (e.g., a SPICE netlist), ABCD-NLExpand
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A Platform-Based Design Methodology With Contracts and Related Tools for the Design of Cyber-Physical Systems
We introduce a platform-based design methodology that uses contracts to specify and abstract the components of a cyber-physical system (CPS), and provide formal support to the entire CPS design flow.Expand
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A CMOS Ultra-Wideband Receiver for Low Data-Rate Communication
A low-power impulse-radio ultra-wideband receiver is demonstrated for low data-rate applications. A topology selection study demonstrates that the quadrature analog correlation is a good receiverExpand
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Contract-based system-level composition of analog circuits
Efficient system-level design is increasingly relying on hierarchical design-space exploration, as well as compositional methods, to shorten time-to-market, leverage design re-use, and achieveExpand
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A 2-mm$^{2}$ 0.1–5 GHz Software-Defined Radio Receiver in 45-nm Digital CMOS
A software-defined radio (SDR) should theoretically receive any modulated frequency channel in the (un)licensed spectrum, and guarantee top performance with energy savings, while still beingExpand
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A Contract-Based Methodology for Aircraft Electric Power System Design
In an aircraft electric power system, one or more supervisory control units actuate a set of electromechanical switches to dynamically distribute power from generators to loads, while satisfyingExpand
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