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A relationship between AGN jet power and radio power
Using Chandra X-ray and Very Large Array radio data, we investigate the scaling relationship between jet power, P{sub jet}, and synchrotron luminosity, P{sub radio}. We expand the sample presented in
What is a cool-core cluster? a detailed analysis of the cores of the X-ray flux-limited HIFLUGCS cluster sample
We use the largest complete sample of 64 galaxy clusters (HIghest X-ray FLUx Galaxy Cluster Sample) with available high-quality X-ray data from Chandra, and apply 16 cool-core diagnostics to them,
The feedback-regulated growth of black holes and bulges through gas accretion and starbursts in cluster central dominant galaxies
We present an analysis of the growth of black holes through accretion and bulges through star formation in 33 galaxies at the centers of cooling flows. Most of these systems show evidence of cavities
Heating Hot Atmospheres with Active Galactic Nuclei
High resolution X-ray spectroscopy of the hot gas in galaxy clusters has shown that the gas is not cooling to low temperatures at the predicted rates of hundreds to thousands of solar masses per
Baryons at the Edge of the X-ray–Brightest Galaxy Cluster
The Suzaku satellite provides an accurate, spatially resolved census of the gas, metals, and dark matter out to the edge of the Perseus Cluster, and measurements of the cluster baryon fraction are consistent with the expected universal value at half of the virial radius.
The heating of gas in a galaxy cluster by X-ray cavities and large-scale shock fronts
The discovery of giant cavities and shock fronts in a distant (z = 0.22) cluster caused by an interaction between a radio source and the hot gas surrounding it is reported.
Chandra Observation of Abell 2142: Survival of Dense Subcluster Cores in a Merger
We use Chandra data to map the gas temperature in the central region of the merging cluster A2142. The cluster is markedly nonisothermal; it appears that the central cooling flow has been disturbed
A Systematic Study of Radio-induced X-Ray Cavities in Clusters, Groups, and Galaxies
We present an analysis of 16 galaxy clusters, one group, and one galaxy drawn from the Chandra Data Archive. These systems possess prominent X-ray surface brightness depressions associated with
A High resolution study of the Hydra A cluster with Chandra: Comparison of the core mass distribution with theoretical predictions and evidence for feedback in the cooling flow
The cooling flow cluster Hydra A was observed during the orbital activation and calibration phase of the Chandra Observatory. While the X-ray image of the cluster exhibits complex structure in the