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Determination of Retinol, -Tocopherol, Lycopene, and -Carotene in Human Plasma Using HPLC with UV-Vis Detection: Application to a Clinical Study
A method is described here for the simultaneous determination of retinol, -tocopherol, lycopene, and -carotene in human plasma. The effectiveness of various protein precipitants and extractionExpand
Relationships were established for five sensory methods of oral and nonoral viscosity evaluation between viscosity scores and instrumentally measured dynamic viscosity for model and real NewtonianExpand
Conformational study of melectin and antapin antimicrobial peptides in model membrane environments.
A significant content of α-helical conformation is found in the solutions of negatively charged liposomes mimicking the bacterial membrane, thus correlating with the antimicrobial activity of the studied peptides. Expand
Influence of the amount of rennet, calcium chloride addition, temperature, and high-pressure treatment on the course of milk coagulation
Coagulated gel was characterised using an oscillation rheometer Rheostress RS 150. The influence was monitored of the additions of rennet and CaCl 2 , of temperature, and of high-pressure treatmentExpand
Dry heat inactivation of Bacillus cereus in rice
The aim of this work was to validate the method of decontamination of rice at the temperature of 120°C (determined as optimal in previous experiments). Bacillus cereus was selected as the markerExpand
Gel strength of the native egg white
The study examined gel strength of the native egg white as a function of pH and the dry matter content. The egg white samples were isolated from fresh eggs and the eggs in different stages ofExpand
Chiral recognition of bilirubin and biliverdin in liposomes and micelles.
The structural formula of biologically important chiral pigments bilirubin and biliverdin differs only by one double bond, which results in dissimilar interactions with two models of membranes and ternary systems consisting of the pigments, model membranes and serum albumin. Expand
Cyclopeptides containing the DEKS motif as conformationally restricted collagen telopeptide analogues: synthesis and conformational analysis.
Both a conformationally restricted lysyl oxidase substrate and product have been synthetically accessed, which will enable their potential use for molecular imaging of these important enzymes. Expand
Viscosity of cocoa butter
Abstract The viscosity of cocoa butter was measured in the range of temperatures 30‐70°C. Product in thawed state behaved as the Newtonian fluid with viscosity independent of shear rate. ThisExpand
Resolution of a configurationally stable [5]helquat: enantiocomposition analysis of a helicene congener by capillary electrophoresis
Racemic [5]helquat as a triflate salt has been synthesized using a robust, three-step procedure. Subsequent exchange of triflate anions for inexpensive (R,R)-dibenzoyltartrate anions via an ionExpand