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Digital Divide: Civic Engagement, Information Poverty, and the Internet Worldwide
From the Publisher: Digital Divide examines access and use of the Internet in 179 nations world-wide. A global divide is evident between industrialized and developing societies. A social divide isExpand
Democratic Phoenix: Reinventing Political Activism
List of tables List of figures Preface Introduction: 1. The decline and fall of political activism? 2. Theories of political activism Part I. The Puzzle of Electoral Turnout: 3. Mapping turnout 4. DoExpand
Sacred and Secular: Religion and Politics Worldwide
Part I. Understanding Secularization: 1. The secularization debate 2. Measuring secularization 3. Comparing secularization worldwide Part II. Case Studies of Religion and Politics: 4. The puzzle ofExpand
Critical citizens : global support for democratic government
Foreword by Joseph Nye, Jr. 1. Introduction: The Growth of Critical Citizens SECTION ONE: CROSS-NATIONAL TRENDS IN CONFIDENCE IN GOVERNANCE 2. Mapping Political Support in the 1990s: A GlobalExpand
Democratic Deficit: Critical Citizens Revisited
Many fear that democracies are suffering from a legitimacy crisis. This book focuses on 'democratic deficits', reflecting how far the perceived democratic performance of any state diverges fromExpand
Trump, Brexit, and the Rise of Populism: Economic Have-Nots and Cultural Backlash
Rising support for populist parties has disrupted the politics of many Western societies. What explains this phenomenon? Two theories are examined here. Perhaps the most widely-held view of massExpand
Political Recruitment: Gender, Race and Class in the British Parliament
1. Puzzles in political recruitment Part I. Who Selects and How?: 2. The structure of political recruitment 3. Conservative recruitment 4. Labour recruitment 5. Minor party recruitment Part II. WhoExpand
Does Television Erode Social Capital? A Reply to Putnam
During the past thirty-five years many commentators have expressed concern about declining support for the American political system, noting familiar evidence of the steady erosion in electoralExpand
The Bridging and Bonding Role of Online Communities
A long tradition in sociological theory among writers such as Durkheim, Marx, Weber, Tonnies and Simmel has been concerned about the loss of community and the weakening of the face-to-face relationsExpand