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Gender Differences in Risk Behaviour: Does Nurture Matter?
Women and men may differ in their propensity to choose a risky outcome because of innate preferences or because pressure to conform to gender-stereotypes encourages girls and boys to modify their
Cell Phones and Rural Labor Markets: Evidence from South Africa
We study the labor market effects of the roll-out of mobile phone coverage in rural South Africa. We address identification issues which arise from the fact that network roll-out cannot be viewed as
Information, Perceptions and Exporting - Evidence from a Randomized Controlled Trial
We present novel evidence from the results of a randomized controlled trial on the role that information plays in the perceptions of the benefits and costs of exporting. We first present results from
Changing Eating Habits: A Field Experiment in Primary Schools
It is found that the intervention had positive effects, but the effects vary substantially according to age and gender, however, there is little evidence of sustained long term effects, except for the children from poorer socio-economic backgrounds.
Do Single-Sex Classes Affect Exam Scores? An Experiment in a Coeducational University
We examine the effect of single-sex classes on the pass rates, grades, and course choices of students in a coeducational university. We randomly assign students to all-female, all-male, and coed
Gender differences in risk aversion