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SOX2 amplification is a common event in squamous cell carcinomas of different organ sites.
Acquired chromosomal aberrations, including gene copy number alterations, are involved in the development and progression of human malignancies. SOX2, a transcription factor-coding gene located atExpand
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Procyclical Effects of the Banking System During the Financial and Economic Crisis 2007-2009: The Case of Europe
This paper examines the relationship between adverse shocks to the banking system and their effect on the general economy in Europe. This topic was brought to the spotlight during the 2007-2009Expand
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The HOPE fixation technique - a promising alternative to common prostate cancer biobanking approaches
BackgroundThe availability of well-annotated prostate tissue samples through biobanks is key for research. Whereas fresh-frozen tissue is well suited for a broad spectrum of molecular analyses, itsExpand
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A new genus and two new species of Anteroporidae (Cestoda: Lecanicephalidea) from the darkspotted numbfish, Narcine maculata (Torpediniformes: Narcinidae), off Malaysian Borneo.
The cestode fauna of the darkspotted numbfish, Narcine maculata (Shaw) (Torpediniformes: Narcinidae), from Malaysian Bomrneo was examined for the first time. This work resulted in the discovery of aExpand
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Rearrangement of the ETS genes ETV-1, ETV-4, ETV-5, and ELK-4 is a clonal event during prostate cancer progression.
ETS gene rearrangements are frequently found in prostate cancer. Several studies have assessed the rearrangement status of the most commonly found ETS rearranged gene ERG, and the less frequentExpand
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Photolithographic patterning of 3D-formed polycarbonate films for targeted cell guiding.
A facile photolithographic platform for the design of cell-guiding polymeric substrates is introduced. Specific areas of the substrate are photo-deactivated for the subsequent growth of bioresistantExpand
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Does outsourcing affect hospital profitability?
Organizations outsource non-core service functions to achieve cost reductions and strategic benefits, both of which can impact profitability performance. This article examines relations betweenExpand
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ERG Rearrangement as a Clonal Expansion Marker for Prostate Cancer
Prostate cancer is the most commonly diagnosed neoplasia and the second most frequent cause of cancer specific death in men in the western civilization. The recent discovery and subsequentExpand
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Liquid polystyrene: a photocurable liquid polystyrene prepolymer as new materials for microfluidic prototyping
In this paper, we introduce “Liquid Polystyrene” (liqPS), a room-temperature photocurable liquid polystyrene precursor which allows creating microfluidic structures in polystyrene, “biologists’Expand