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A meta-analysis of the price elasticity of gasoline demand. A SUR approach
Automobile gasoline demand can be expressed as a multiplicative function of fuel efficiency, mileage per car and car ownership. This implies a linear relationship between the price elasticity ofExpand
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Price Elasticities of Demand for Passenger Air Travel
This discussion paper resulted in an article in the Journal of Air Transport Management (2002). Volume 8, issue 3, pages 165-175. The demand for air transport is largely determined by the spendingExpand
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Multicriteria evaluation in physical planning
Orientation. Evaluation in the Planning Process. Spatial Impact Analysis as a Tool in Evaluation Research. Assessment of Priority Weights and Preferences. Discrete Multicriteria Methods. ContinuousExpand
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Commuting: In Search of Jobs and Residences☆
Abstract This paper introduces a model which includes residential, job moving, and commuting behavior when labor and housing markets are characterized by market imperfections (imperfect informationExpand
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Access to and Competition Between Airports: A Case Study for the San Francisco Bay Area
In this paper (nested) logit models that describe the combined access mode-airport-choice are estimated. A three level nested logit model is rejected. A two level nested logit model with the airportExpand
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This paper deals with second-best one-route congestion pricing in case of an untolled alternative. Using a two-link network simulation model, the effects of various demand and cost parameters on theExpand
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Entrepreneurship in a Modern Network Economy
N IJKAMP P. (2003) Entrepreneurship in a modern network economy, Reg. Studies 37 , 395-405. In this survey paper the literature on entrepreneurship is summarized from the perspective of geographicalExpand
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Variable message signs and radio traffic information: An integrated empirical analysis of drivers' route choice behaviour
In this paper we analyse the impact of both radio traffic information and variable message sign information on route choice behaviour. The empirical analysis is based on an extensive survey heldExpand
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Job Moving, Residential Moving, and Commuting: A Search Perspective
Abstract We address the interrelationships between residential mobility, labor market mobility, and commuting. The paper takes its starting point in recent findings in economic research whichExpand
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Qualitative multicriteria evaluation for environmental management
One of the main differences among evaluation models is between monetary and non-monetary evaluation. Cost-benefit analysis and cost-effectiveness analysis are well-known examples of a monetaryExpand
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