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Progress Toward a Theory of Supergravity
As a new approach to supergravity, an action containing only vierbein and Rarita-Schwinger fields (V/suba//sub mu/ and psi/sub mu/) is presented together with supersymmetry transformations for these
Path Integrals and Anomalies in Curved Space
Preface Part I. Path Integrals for Quantum Mechanics in Curved Space: 1. Introduction to path integrals 2. Time slicing 3. Mode regularization 4. Dimensional regularization Part II. Applications to
New Ghost Free Gravity Lagrangians with Propagating Torsion
A new class of ${R}^{2}$ type of actions without ghosts and tachyons is found in which both the vierbein field ${{e}_{\ensuremath{\mu}}}^{a}$ and the spin connection