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Path Integrals and Anomalies in Curved Space
Preface Part I. Path Integrals for Quantum Mechanics in Curved Space: 1. Introduction to path integrals 2. Time slicing 3. Mode regularization 4. Dimensional regularization Part II. Applications toExpand
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Progress Toward a Theory of Supergravity
As a new approach to supergravity, an action containing only vierbein and Rarita-Schwinger fields (V/suba//sub mu/ and psi/sub mu/) is presented together with supersymmetry transformations for theseExpand
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New Ghost Free Gravity Lagrangians with Propagating Torsion
A new class of ${R}^{2}$ type of actions without ghosts and tachyons is found in which both the vierbein field ${{e}_{\ensuremath{\mu}}}^{a}$ and the spin connectionExpand
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On Euclidean spinors and Wick rotations
Abstract We propose a continuous Wick rotation for Dirac, Majorana and Weyl spinors from Minkowski spacetime to Euclidean space which treats fermions on the same footing as bosons. The result is aExpand
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General construction of the unitary representations of anti-de sitter superalgebras and the spectrum of the S4 compactification of 11-dimensional supergravity☆
Abstract We construct the spectrum of the S4 compactification of d = 11 supergravity by simple algebraic methods. The spectrum consists of a special class of positive-energy unitary irreducibleExpand
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Gauged maximally extended su - pergravity in seven dimensions
A rolled metallized film capacitor is encased between a pair of box halves (13 and 13') each having a pair of dovetailed slots (36 and 37) formed in opposed walls so that when the box halves areExpand
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Gauge theory of the conformal and superconformal group
Abstract We show that the locally scale invariant Weyl theory of gravity is the gauge theory of the conformal group. Proper conformal transformations are gauged by a non-propagating gauge field. AExpand
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On ghost-free tensor lagrangians and linearized gravitation
The most general linear Lagrangian for massless and massive tensor fields without ghosts and tachyons is determined. Transversality is used to eliminate massless ghosts. The linear Einstein andExpand
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Self-duality in odd dimensions
Abstract For spacetime dimension d = 4 k − 1 one may take the “square root” of the Proca equation for a massive antisymmetric tensor field. The result is a “self-dual” field which propagates half asExpand
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Quantum inequivalence of different field representations
Abstract The gauge theories of antisymmetric tensor potentials A μν and A μνϱ describe 1 and 0 degrees of freedom, respectively. Yet we show the gravitational trace anomalies of A μν and a scalarExpand
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