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Synthesis of methyl-1-(tert-butoxycarbonylamino)-2-vinylcyclopropanecarboxylate via a Hofmann rearrangement utilizing trichloroisocyanuric acid as an oxidant.
A trichloroisocyanuric acid (TCCA) mediated Hofmann rearrangement was utilized to synthesize methyl-1-(tert-butoxycarbonylamino)-2-vinylcyclopropanecarboxylate. A variety of functional groups are
Preparation of pyrrolidine-based PDE4 inhibitors via enantioselective conjugate addition of alpha-substituted malonates to aromatic nitroalkenes.
This sequence was used for the preparation of the PDE4 inhibitor IC86518 and provides pyrrolidinones with two contiguous stereocenters, one of which is quaternary.
An efficient synthesis of the taxane-derived anticancer agent ABT-271.
An efficient synthesis was developed which allows the large scale synthesis of ABT-271, a novel taxane possessing a C9-(R)-hydroxyl group which is present in Taxol and Taxotere and evaluated as a potential anticancer agent.
Synthesis of the C-13 side chain precursors of the 9-dihydrotaxane analogue ABT-271.
N-Boc-L-Leucinol was converted to two C-13 side chain precursors of the 9-dihydrotaxane analogue ABT-271, prepared in 44% and 40% overall yield, and with excellent (>98%) stereochemical purity.
Stereoselective Synthesis of Carbobicyclics via Organoyttrium-Catalyzed Sequential Cyclization/Silylation Reactions
The sequential cyclization/silylation of 1,5-dienes and 1,6-dienes was effected under mild reaction conditions using catalytic quantities of Cp2*YMe·THF. The process provides carbobicyclics in high