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The biology of protein kinase C.
This review gives a basic introduction to the biology of protein kinase C, one of the first calcium-dependent kinases to be discovered. We review the structure and function of protein kinase C, alongExpand
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How Common Is Commercial Contract Cheating in Higher Education and Is It Increasing? A Systematic Review
Contract cheating, where students use a third party to complete their assignments, is frequently reported to be increasing, presenting a threat to academic standards and quality. Many incidentsExpand
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Contract cheating: a survey of Australian university students
ABSTRACT Recent Australian media scandals suggest that university students are increasingly outsourcing their assessments to third parties – a behaviour known as ‘contract cheating’. This paperExpand
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Academic integrity: a quantitative study of confidence and understanding in students at the start of their higher education
Establishing a positive, proactive approach to issues such as plagiarism requires that students are equipped with the skills and experience to act with integrity, and that educators are fully awareExpand
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The Learning Styles Myth is Thriving in Higher Education
  • P. Newton
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • Front. Psychol.
  • 15 December 2015
The existence of ‘Learning Styles’ is a common ‘neuromyth’, and their use in all forms of education has been thoroughly and repeatedly discredited in the research literature. However, anecdotalExpand
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The substrates and binding partners of protein kinase Cepsilon.
The epsilon isoform of protein kinase C (PKCepsilon) has important roles in the function of the cardiac, immune and nervous systems. As a result of its diverse actions, PKCepsilon is the target ofExpand
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Evidence-Based Higher Education – Is the Learning Styles ‘Myth’ Important?
The basic idea behind the use of ‘Learning Styles’ is that learners can be categorized into one or more ‘styles’ (e.g., Visual, Auditory, Converger) and that teaching students according to theirExpand
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When Medical News Comes from Press Releases—A Case Study of Pancreatic Cancer and Processed Meat
The media have a key role in communicating advances in medicine to the general public, yet the accuracy of medical journalism is an under-researched area. This project adapted an establishedExpand
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Contract cheating and assessment design: exploring the relationship
Abstract This paper reports on findings from a large Australian research project that explored the relationship between contract cheating and assessment design. Using survey responses from 14,086Expand
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A legal approach to tackling contract cheating?
The phenomenon of contract cheating presents, potentially, a serious threat to the quality and standards of Higher Education around the world. There have been suggestions, cited below, to tackle theExpand
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