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The treatment of phobias in the dog
Abstract Since 1992 the authors have been compiling a casebook of detailed histories of canine phobia. As the work progressed modifications were made to the diagnostic criteria of anxiety in the dog.Expand
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Factors affecting pica in the domestic cat
Abstract A postal survey was conducted of the owners of 152 cats, mainly of oriental breeds, which exhibited pica (defined broadly, as chewing, sucking or ingesting non-nutritive materials). The mostExpand
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Effect of neutering on two groups of feral cats
Two colonies of urban feral cats were subjected to a programme of population control by trapping, neutering and returning to site. The behaviour of individual cats and the stability of the groups wasExpand
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ISFM Guidelines on Population Management and Welfare of Unowned Domestic Cats (Felis catus)
Guidelines rationale: Cats are among the most commonly kept domestic pets, and coexist with humans in a variety of different circumstances. Cats are sentient beings and, as such, humans have aExpand
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Treatment of behaviour problems in cats
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An ethical viewpoint: The role of veterinarians and behaviourists in ensuring good husbandry for cats
  • P. Neville
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  • Journal of feline medicine and surgery
  • 1 February 2004
Cat owners commonly consider their pets to be members of their families, and many factors contribute to a high level of owner attachment to their cats. Suppression of a cat's emotional needs inExpand
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Interlude: October 1938–February 1939
Nevile Henderson was a very sick man by the autumn of 1938, with a cancer of the throat which needed immediate surgery, and necessitated a return to London. He left Berlin in the middle of OctoberExpand
Longterm outcome after branch pulmonary artery stenosis stenting in congenital heart diseases
Abstract Introduction Primary or secondary branch pulmonary artery (BPA) stenosis complicates the management of congenital heart diseases. Surgical pulmonary plasty is the gold standard treatment,Expand