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Holes in ordered sets
We pursue the technique of “holes” to study the retracts of an ordered set and establish a close connection between absolute retracts and dismantlable ordered sets. Expand
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Mainstream objects : an analysis and design approach for business
Objectives. Why Adopt an Object-Oriented Development Approach? The Fundamental Object-Oriented Principles and Concepts. hich OO Modelling Techniques to Use. Related Approaches to Object-OrientedExpand
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How small can a lattice of order-dimension n be?
The aim of this paper is to study the order-dimension of partition lattices and linear lattices. Our investigations were motivated by a question due to Bill Sands: For a lattice L, does dim L=nExpand
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χ-Embeddings of ordered sets
AbstractWe use the technique of ‘χ-Embeddings’ to study retracts and varieties of ordered sets. We investigate the class of all ordered sets $$Q$$ which are retract of every ordered set in which Expand
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A note on axiomatizable order varieties
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[Measurement of the sum total room climate values].
  • P. Nevermann
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  • Zeitschrift fur die gesamte Hygiene und ihre…
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