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Greenhouse operation and management.
Greenhouse operation and management , Greenhouse operation and management , مرکز فناوری اطلاعات و اطلاع رسانی کشاورزی
Boron Improves Growth, Yield, Quality, and Nutrient Content of Tomato
The similar growth and yield responses of tomato to foliar and root B application suggests that B is translocated in the phloem in tomatoes, indicating that B was translocated from leaves to fruit and is an important factor in the management of K nutrition in tomato.
A humic acid improves growth of tomato seedling in solution culture
On comparing nutrient accumulation in plants treated with 1280mg/L HA and those given an additional supply of nutrients equivalent to those supplied by HA at the 1280 mg/L rate, shoots accumulated more N, P, K, Fe, and Cu, while roots accumulated more K and Ca, therefore these increases do not appear to be associated with nutrients contained in HA.
Cation Exchange Capacity and Base Saturation Variation among Alberta, Canada, Moss Peats
Understanding the species composition in peat-based substrates can alleviate problems of inconsistent initial pH and subsequent pH drift, and Moss peats with high CEC have a greater buffering capacity than those with low CEC, resulting in less pH drift.
Reaction Times of Twenty Limestones
Abstract Particle size and calcium carbonate equivalent characterize agricultural limestone. When agricultural limestone is used for horticultural container substrates, variations in pH among batches
Efficacy of the Press Extraction Method for Bedding Plant Plug Nutrient Monitoring
This study was designed to provide the necessary correlations between these methods to allow for development of pH, electrical conductivity (EC), and nutrient interpretive ranges for plugs.
Developing a Slow-release Nitrogen Fertilizer from Organic Sources: II. Using Poultry Feathers
The structure of feather keratin protein was modified in attempts to develop a slow-release N fertilizer of 12 weeks duration or longer by steam hydrolysis to break disulfide bonds, enzymatic