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Reliable Methods for Computer Simulation: Error Control and a Posteriori Estimates
Contents 1. Introduction. 2. Mathematical background. 3. A posteriori estimates for iteration methods. 4. A posteriori estimates for finite element approximations. 5. Foundations of duality theory.Expand
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Nonsmooth Optimization: Analysis and Algorithms with Applications to Optimal Control
Part 1 Nonsmooth analysis: introduction convex analysis nonsmooth differential theory nonsmooth geometry nonsmooth optimization theory. Part 2 Nonsmooth optimization: introduction a survey of bundleExpand
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A parallel splitting up method and its application to Navier-Stokes equations
Abstract A parallel splitting-up method (or the so called alternating-direction method) is proposed in this paper. The method not only reduces the original linear and nonlinear problems into a seriesExpand
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Member States are required by 31 December 2015 to produce a comprehensive assessment of the potential for the application of high-efficiency cogeneration and efficient district heating and cooling.Expand
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Finite Element Approximation for Optimal Shape Design: Theory and Applications
Preliminaries - Green's formula abstract setting of optimal shape design problem and its approximation shape optimization of systems governed by unilateral boundary value state problem - scalar caseExpand
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Variational and Quasi-Variational Inequalities in Mechanics
1. Notation and Basics: 1.1. Notations and Conventions 1.2. Functional spaces 1.3. Bases and complete systems. Existence theorem 1.4. Trace Theorem 1.5. The laws of thermodynamics 2. VariationalExpand
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Second-order optimality conditions for nondominated solutions of multiobjective programming with C1,1 data
We examine new second-order necessary conditions and sufficient conditions which characterize nondominated solutions of a generalized constrained multiobjective programming problem. The vector-valuedExpand
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Simulation Model for Improving the Operation of the Emergency Department of Special Health Care
This paper presents a simulation model which describes the operations in the Emergency Department of Special Health Care at the Central Hospital of Jyvaskyla, Finland. Expand
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Superconvergence phenomenon in the finite element method arising from averaging gradients
SummaryWe study a superconvergence phenomenon which can be obtained when solving a 2nd order elliptic problem by the usual linear elements. The averaged gradient is a piecewise linear continuousExpand
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