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Exact Solutions of Einstein's Field Equations
We examine various well known exact solutions available in the literature to investigate the recent criterion obtained in Negi and Durgapal [Gravitation and Cosmology7, 37 (2001)] which should beExpand
Activated carbon derived from mango leaves as an enhanced microwave absorbing material
Abstract Microwave absorbing materials have become an important component in electronics, communication, and modern warfare. The present study reports porous activated carbon derived from mangoExpand
Upshot of natural graphite inclusion on the performance of porous conducting carbon fiber paper in a polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell
Porous conducting carbon fiber paper (PCCFP) is one of the vital component of the gas diffusion layer (GDL) in a fuel cell. This PCCFP serves as the most suitable substrate for the GDL due to itsExpand
A core-envelope massive distribution with a parabolic density distribution in the core
Tohnan's V solution has found wide application to the redshift problem in astrophysics but it has a drawback in that there is singularity at the centre. We have developed a core-envelope model with aExpand
Variety of well behaved exact solutions of Einstein–Maxwell field equations: an application to Strange Quark stars, Neutron stars and Pulsars
We present a variety of well behaved classes of Charge Analogues of Tolman’s iv (1939). These solutions describe charged fluid balls with positively finite central pressure, positively finite centralExpand
Neutron star sequences and the starquake glitch model for the Crab and the Vela pulsars
We construct for the first time, the sequences of stable neutron star (NS) models capable of explaining simultaneously, the glitch healing parameters, Q, of both the pulsars, the Crab (Q≥0.7) and theExpand
A two-density neutron star model with continuity of density
Tolman's V solution has found wide application to the redshift problems in astrophysics but it has a drawback that there is singularity at the centre. We have developed a two-density model with aExpand
XRD, SEM, EPR and microwave investigations of ferrofluid-PVA composite films
Ferrofluid-polymer composite films, prepared under the influence of a magnetic field and without magnetic field, have been studied for their physical characteristics. Results of X-ray diffraction,Expand
Relativistic supermassive stars
A plausible scenario for the formation of a stable supermassive star in the relativistic regime has been discussed. The onset of the negativity of the `distribution function' in the stable sequencesExpand
An upper bound on the energy of a gravitationally redshifted electron-positron annihilation line from the Crab pulsar
We present a causally consistent and pulsationally stable two component neutron star model on the basis of the criterion that for each assigned value of σ(≡(P0/E0) ≡ the ratio of central pressure toExpand