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Mechanically Responsive Molecular Crystals.
This paper presents a meta-analyses of the chiral stationary phase of the H2O/O2 mixture and shows clear trends in the direction of increasing chiral insensitivity to Naumov’s law.
Deciphering the protonation and tautomeric equilibria of firefly oxyluciferin by molecular engineering and multivariate curve resolution
The mysterious flashes of light communicated by fireflies conceal a rich and exciting solution spectrochemistry that revolves around the chemiexcitation and photodecay of the fluorophore,
Direct atomic scale observation of linkage isomerization of As4S4 clusters during the photoinduced transition of realgar to pararealgar.
The reaction mechanism underlying the photoinduced linkage isomerization of discrete arsenic-sulfur clusters in the realgar form of tetraarsenic tetrasulfide (alpha-As4S4) to its pararealgar form was
Combining aurophilic interactions and halogen bonding to control the luminescence from bimetallic gold-silver clusters.
The luminescence in a series of new bimetallic gold-silver vapochromic structures can be efficiently switched among different colors simply by exposure to solvent vapors. The emission color in these
Structure and spectroscopy of oxyluciferin, the light emitter of the firefly bioluminescence.
The crystal structures of the pure, unsubstituted firefly emitter oxyluciferin (OxyLH(2)) and its 5-methyl analogue (MOxyLH(2)) were determined for the first time to reveal that both molecules exist
Single crystals popping under UV light: a photosalient effect triggered by a [2+2] cycloaddition reaction.
The first example of a photosalient effect (photoinduced leaping) observed with crystals of three coordination complexes which is induced by a [2+2] photocycloaddition reaction is reported.
Thermally induced and photoinduced mechanical effects in molecular single crystals—a revival
The classical perception of single crystals of molecular materials as rigid and brittle entities has downsized the research interest in their mechanical effects that had been initiated and was active
Photosalient Behavior of Photoreactive Crystals
Being documented with only about a dozen serendipitous observations, the photosalient effect, where crystals leap when exposed to light, is considered a very rare phenomenon. Here, with a set of
Thermally Twistable, Photobendable, Elastically Deformable, and Self-Healable Soft Crystals.
The first example of a smart crystalline material, the 2:1 cocrystal of probenecid and 4,4'-azopyridine, which responds reversibly to multiple external stimuli by twisting, bending, and elastic deformation without fracture is reported.