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Solid-state structure and temperature/evacuation-induced dehydration of sodium saccharinate 1.875 hydrate.
The anion of saccharin is a polyfunctional ligand that binds to a plethora of metal ions. The solid hydrate of sodium saccharinate ("sodium saccharin" or "saccharinum soluble" ; Scheme 1) is anExpand
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Thermal behavior of the saccharinates of K+, Na+, Rb+, Cs+ and NH4+: structural inferences
Abstract Four alkali saccharinates: K 3 (sac) 3 ·2H 2 O (KSac, ‘sac’ denotes saccharinato ion, C 7 H 4 NO 3 S − ), triclinic Na 3 (sac) 3 ·2H 2 O (NaSac), Rb 2 (sac) 2 ·H 2 O (RbSac), Cs(Hsac)(sac)·HExpand
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Solid‐State Forms of Sodium Valproate, Active Component of the Anticonvulsant Drug Epilim
The results of the first detailed and systematic investigation of the solid‐state forms of sodium valproate, one of the most potent and widely used anticonvulsant medicines, are presented. By usingExpand
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Effects of a self-assembled molecular capsule on the ultrafast photodynamics of a photochromic salicylideneaniline guest.
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Structure of the photocolored 2-(2',4'-dinitrobenzyl)pyridine crystal: two-photon induced solid-state proton transfer with minor structural perturbation.
The X-ray structure of the blue phototautomer of 2-(2',4'-dinitrobenzyl)pyridine (DNBP) produced by two-photon excitation in a single crystal is the first direct evidence of a product in the DNBPExpand
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The Light Emitter of the 2‐Coumar­anone Chemiluminescence: Theoretical and Experimental Elucidation of a Possible Model for Bioluminescent Systems
The bioluminescence reaction of many biological subspecies, most notably fireflies, forms dioxetanone derivatives as high-energy intermediates. The thermal instability of dioxetanones complicatesExpand
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Outer-sphere coordination, N-coordination and O-coordination of the deprotonated saccharin in copper(II) saccharinato complexes. Implications for the saccharinato carbonyl stretching frequency
Tetraaquabis(o-sulfobenzimidato-N)copper(II) reacts with neutral N-heterocycles to form complexes in which the o-sulfobenzimide (saccharin) entity interacts directly with the copper atom (throughExpand
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Actuation based on thermo/photosalient effect: A biogenic smart hybrid driven by light and heat
Aimed at the design of efficient smart actuating materials, we have fabricated a self-actuating material that sets the platform for conceptually new, hybrid biocompatible actuators capable of dualExpand
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Solid-state thermochromism and phase transitions of charge transfer 1,3-diamino-4,6-dinitrobenzene dyes.
The lower 1,3-bis(hydroxyalkylamino) homologues of the strong intramolecular X-type charge transfer (CT) system 1,3-diamino-4,6-dinitrobenzene (DADNB) exhibit reversible color change in the solidExpand
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Structural study of the thermally induced and photoinduced phase transitions of the 1,3,5-trithia-2,4,6-triazapentalenyl (TTTA) radical.
We report on the first direct atomic-level photodiffraction evidence for domain formation by doping with charge photocarriers of the stable organic radical TTTAExpand
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