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Fishery, biology and stock assessment of carangid resources from the Indian seas
Carangus and leptolepis along Tamil Nadu coast are being exploited expending much more effort than required to realize maximum sustainable yield (MSY), but D. russelli along east and southwest coasts and A. djedaba along the Kerala coast can beexploited with increased effort of trawl net to enhance their production to MSY level.
The ribbonfish fishery and stock assessment of Trichiurus lepturus Linnaeus off Kakinada, east coast of India
Study revealed that currently the resource is under heavy fishing pressure, and strategies for the management of stock and fishery are discussed.
Ecology of mudbanks - Phytoplankton productivity in Alleppey mudbank
The standing crop of phytcplankton, in terms of biomass, chloropliyll a and total ceils, recorded high values during the rise as well as maturity of the mudbank. However, the primary production
Although the skipjack fishery ,a,t Minicoy extends aU through the ye,ar the peak fis.hery is during November-A,pri'}' T!he size in the commercial catches ronges h~tween 350 and 695 mm: T'he total
Resource characteristics and stock assessment of lesser sardines in the Indian waters
The fishery and biology of commercially important species of lesser sardine resources of India were studied. Detailed gearwise, specieswise and monthwise landings for 1984-88 are presented .In
Stock assessment of oil sardine, Sardinella longiceps Val., off west coast of India
The oil sardine contributes nearly 15% of the total annual marine fish landings of the country and forms the most important pelagic fishery resource. A brief account of the fishery. biology and stock
Length weight relationship, relative condition, size at first maturity and sex ratio of Indian mackerel Rastrelliger kanagurta from Calicut
Length weight relationship, relative condition, size at first maturity and sex ratio of Indian mackerel Rastrelliger kanagurta was studied based on the data collected from the ring net and trawl net
Appraisal of the Marine Fisheries of Kerala
Kerala, the southwestern part of the peninsular India, has a narrow stretch of land with a long surf-beaten coast on the western side and a lush green mountain range on the eastern side. The
Mechanisation of traditional crafts with outboard motors at Vizhinjam
The present study has been carried out to assess the impact of mechanisation of traditional crafts with outboard motor and its prospects with special reference to Vizhinjam to modernize the
The present status of small-scale traditional fishery at Vizhinjam
Vizhinjam, situated at long. 76°59'15"e, lat. 8°22'30", and 16 km south of trivandrum, is an important Fish landing centre among the twenty-seven fish landing villages in the fishery zone extending