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A Survey of Recent Results in Networked Control Systems
Networked control systems (NCSs) are spatially distributed systems for which the communication between sensors, actuators, and controllers is supported by a shared communication network. We reviewExpand
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Exponential stability of impulsive systems with application to uncertain sampled-data systems
We establish exponential stability of nonlinear time-varying impulsive systems by employing Lyapunov functions with discontinuity at the impulse times. Our stability conditions have the property thatExpand
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Stability of delay impulsive systems with application to networked control systems
We establish asymptotic and exponential stability theorems for delay impulsive systems by employing Lyapunov functionals with discontinuities. Our conditions have the property that when specializedExpand
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Designing an observer-based controller for a network control system
We propose a numerical procedure to design a linear output-feedback controller for a remote linear plant in which the loop is closed through a network. The controller stabilizes the plant in theExpand
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Tracking control for sampled-data systems with uncertain time-varying sampling intervals and delays
SUMMARY In this paper, a solution to the approximate tracking problem of sampled-data systems with uncertain, time-varying sampling intervals and delays is presented. Such time-varying samplingExpand
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Tracking control for networked control systems
A solution to the approximate tracking problem for networked control systems (NCSs) with uncertain, time-varying sampling intervals and network delays is presented. The uncertain, time-varyingExpand
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Implementation Considerations For Wireless Networked Control Systems
We show that delay impulsive systems are a natural framework to model wired and wireless NCSs with variable sampling intervals and delays as well as packet dropouts. Then, we employ discontinuousExpand
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On the robust stability and stabilization of sampled-data systems: A hybrid system approach
We consider the stability analysis and state-feedback stabilization of LTI uncertain sampled-data systems. There are two sources of uncertainty: the plant's parameters can be uncertain and theExpand
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Analysis of distributed control systems with shared communication and computation resources
We address the analysis and implementation of a distributed control system on a network of communicating control units, resulting in a Networked Control System (NCS). We propose an approach based onExpand
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Stability of networked control systems with variable sampling and delay
We consider Networked Control Systems (NCSs) consisting of a LTI plant; a linear static or dynamic feedback controller; a collection of sensors that provide measureme nts to the controller; and aExpand
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