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A review of myrmecophily in ant nest beetles (Coleoptera: Carabidae: Paussinae): linking early observations with recent findings
Myrmecophily provides various examples of how social structures can be overcome to exploit vast and well-protected resources. Ant nest beetles (Paussinae) are particularly well suited for ecologicalExpand
Spatio-temporal use of the urban habitat by feral pigeons (Columba livia)
Feral pigeons are descendants of wild rock pigeons that have adapted to the urban habitat. They have partially conserved the foraging behaviour of their wild ancestors (flights to agricultural areas)Expand
Factors governing macrozoobenthic assemblages in perennial springs in north-western Switzerland
Springs are important freshwater habitats that provide refuge for many rare species. In this study, the fauna and abiotic parameters of 20 perennial springs in north-western Switzerland wereExpand
Impact of locust control on harvester termites and endemic vertebrate predators in Madagascar
Summary 1 Between 1997 and 2000 a plague of migratory locust in Madagascar triggered large-scale control operations. The widespread use of insecticides in a biodiversity hot-spot raised concernExpand
Termite assemblages in a West-African semi-deciduous forest and teak plantations
Responses of termite assemblages to the conversion of semi-deciduous forest into teak plantations were studied in the Lama Forest Reserve in Benin, West Africa. Four belt transect surveys were run inExpand
Mapping the biodiversity of tropical insects: species richness and inventory completeness of African sphingid moths
AIM: Many taxa, especially invertebrates, remain biogeographically highly understudied and even baseline assessments are missing, with too limited and heterogeneous sampling being key reasons. HereExpand
Where a springhead becomes a springbrook : a regional zonation of springs
Springs are important freshwater habitats that provide specific abiotic conditions for many species. These conditions may change very rapidly downstream. Limnologists tend to treat spring sources andExpand
Conservation of biodiversity in a relic forest in Benin - an overview
Lama forest is one of the last remnants of the West African forest/savannah mosaic known as the Dahomey Gap. It comprises natural forest and forest plantations and has the protection status of aExpand
Selection criteria for flagship species by conservation organizations
SUMMARY Flagship species are among key marketing tools used by conservation organizations to motivate public support, but are often selected in an ad hoc, rather than systematic, manner. Furthermore,Expand
Temperature effects on the feeding and electron transport system (ETS) activity of Gammarus fossarum
The effects of an increase in water temperature as a direct consequence of global change on organisms living in springs and spring brooks have rarely been studied in laboratory experiments. In thisExpand