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Plant polyphenols
SummaryHyperoside and quercitrin have been isolated from the flowers ofGodetia whitneyi and identified.
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[Stephania plants as a source of new drugs].
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The question of the content of arctiin in the seeds of Arctium leiospermum
SummaryIt has been established that the arctin isolated from the seeds ofArctium leiospermum and described earlier as a sesquiterpene lactone is actually the known lignane glucoside arctiin.
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Alkaloids ofBuxus balearica. I
ConclusionsSeven alkaloids have been isolated from the leaves ofBuxus balearica Lam: alkaloid A (apparently identical with baleabuxine), C30H50N2O2; alkaloid B (possibly N-isobutyrylbaleabuxidienineExpand
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A chemical study ofPlectranthus glaucocalyx Maxim.
SummaryA previously unknown crystalline substance C20H28O4, calledplectrin, has been isolated from the leaves ofPlectranthus glaucocalyx Maxim., family Labiatae.
Shikonin fromLithospermum officinale
The pigment was isolated by Brockmann's method [4, 5]. 4. 2 kg of the roots was extracted twice with petroleum ether (bp 40°-70 ° C) in a ratio of 1 : 6 for 18 hr. The red extracts were combined andExpand