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Oxide films, pores and the fatigue lives of cast aluminum alloys
In the absence of gross defects such as cold shuts, the fatigue properties of castings are largely determined by the sizes of microstructural defects, particularly pores and oxide films. In contrast,Expand
Molten aluminium contamination : Gas, inclusions and dross
This article explains the important physical chemistry and metallurgical processes that greatly impact the quality of your aluminum melt.
Quantitative analysis of cast microstructures
If it is to be incorporated into an analytical model, the microstructure of a cast material must be described in unambiguous, quantitative terms. Three-dimensional microstructures have usefulExpand
Shape Casting: A Tribute to John Campbell
Shape castings have been more of an art than a science since these artefacts were first produced 3000 years ago. Only recently have we started to understand the basic scientific principles thatExpand
Crack propagation in high chromium white cast iron