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Rapid identification of patients with essential hypertension sensitive to acebutolol (a new cardioselective beta-blocker).
It is demonstrated that a rapid decrease in blood pressure can be obtained in patients with essential hypertension treated with acebutolol and that the decrease inBlood pressure is related to the initial state of the renin-angiotensin system. Expand
Comparative ototoxic effects of RU 25434, amikacin and neomycin in guinea-pigs.
RU 25434, a new semi-synthetic aminoglycoside antibiotic, appeared to be relatively less toxic than amikacin and neomycin, and the use of new-born guinea-pigs seem to be particularly suitable for this type of study because of their apparent sensitivity to ototoxicity. Expand
[Fibrinogen: a risk factor].
Fibrinogen level is high during inflammation and increases with ageing and in tobacco addicts, it is an independent risk factor of prognosis value in coronary disease and in arterial peripheral disease, and many circumstances can modify fibr inogen level and are targets for prophylaxis treatments. Expand
[Anticoagulation after renal transplantation: a multicenter survey on clinical practice].
Postoperative anticoagulation after renal transplantation is established as a local dogma rather than evidence-based medicine and Guideline recommendations and standardized protocols for the use of anticoague after kidney transplantation should be developed. Expand