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Supersymmetric Dark Matter
A review of supersymmetric dark matter in minimal supergravity unification with R-parity invariance and with radiative breaking of the electro-weak symmetry is given. The analysis shows the lightestExpand
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Higgs Physics at the HL-LHC and HE-LHC
The discovery of the Higgs boson in 2012, by the ATLAS and CMS experiments, was a success achieved with only a percent of the entire dataset foreseen for the LHC. It opened a landscape ofExpand
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Applied N=1 Supergravity
A review of recent developments in the applications of N=1 supergravity to the construction of unified models of elementary particle interactions is given. Couplings of N=1 supergravity with matterExpand
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Proton stability in grand unified theories, in strings and in branes
Abstract A broad overview of the current status of proton stability in unified models of particle interactions is given which includes non-supersymmetric unification, SUSY and SUGRA unified models,Expand
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Stueckelberg Z ' extension with kinetic mixing and millicharged dark matter from the hidden sector
An analysis is given of the Stueckelberg extension of the standard model with a hidden sector gauge group U(1){sub X} where the mass growth for the extra gauge boson occurs via the StueckelbergExpand
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DUSEL Theory White Paper
The scientific case for a Deep Underground Science and Engineering Laboratory [DUSEL] located at the Homestake mine in Lead, South Dakota is exceptional. The site of this future laboratory alreadyExpand
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Fundamental Physics at the Intensity Frontier
Particle physics aims to understand the universe around us. The Standard Model of particle physics describes the basic structure of matter and forces, to the extent we have been able to probe thusExpand
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A Stueckelberg extension of the Standard Model
Abstract An extension of the standard model of electro-weak interactions by an extra abelian gauge boson is given, in which the extra gauge boson and the hypercharge gauge boson both couple to anExpand
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Aspects of the Stueckelberg extension
A detailed analysis of a Stueckelberg extension of the electro-weak gauge group with an extra abelian U(1)X factor is presented for the Standard Model as well as for the MSSM. The extra gauge bosonExpand
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