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Orchids do not pay costs at emergence for prolonged dormancy.
It is suggested that prolonged dormancy may be a form of phenotypic plasticity in which plants distribute their performance and reproductive effort through time, rather than a simple stress response.
Ordination and hyperspectral remote sensing approach to classify peatland biotopes along soil moisture and fertility gradients
Abstract Spatial information on biotopes would be an asset for boreal peatland inventories. It may be helpful for protection and monitoring changes in species diversity caused by artificial
Effect of tailings on wetland vegetation in Rautuvaara, a former iron–copper mining area in northern Finland
Abstract Mine tailings are potential sources of metal pollution to adjacent ecosystems. Recognition of plant species that tolerate high concentrations of toxic elements is essential to phytostabilize
Electrical-sedimentary anisotropy of Rogen moraine, Lake Rogen area, Sweden
Abstract The electrical-sedimentary and morphological anisotropy of Rogen moraine was studied with aerial photographs and azimuthal measurements of electrical conductivity (σ a ) in the Lake Rogen
Importance of soil calcium for composition of understory vegetation in boreal forests of Finnish Lapland
To focus conservation efforts into forest areas with high biodiversity, more information is needed about soil-vegetation dependencies in Finnish Lapland. We studied understory vegetation and soil
Sedimentary anisotropy diverges from flute trends in south-east Finnish Lapland
Abstract Subglacial flutes are parallel-to-ice flow lineations indicative of glacial streamlining, yet their depositional/erosional origin or sedimentary anisotropy is not fully understood. The
Maskevarri Ráhppát in Finnmark, northern Norway - is it an earthquake-induced landform complex?
Abstract. The Sami word rahppat means rough bouldery/stony terrain with sharp-relief topography in Finnmark, northern Norway. Rahppat is a common name in the region of the Younger Dryas landforms,
Quantification of glacial till chemical composition by reflectance spectroscopy
Abstract Chemometric modelling of soil element concentrations from diffuse visible and near-infrared (VSWIR, 350–2500 nm) reflectance spectroscopic measurements holds potential for soil element
Biogeochemical multi-element signatures in common juniper at Mäkärärova, Finnish Lapland: Implications for Au and REE exploration
Abstract Biogeochemical exploration methods involve chemical analyses of soil organic matter and plant species with a minimal environmental influence. Common juniper ( Juniperus communis L.) was
Long-term effect of site preparation on soil quality in Tuntsa, Finnish Lapland
Abstract Long-term effects of mechanical site preparation on soil chemical properties of Norway spruce (Picea abies) clearcut areas have remained unclear. In 1960 a forest fire burned a Norway spruce