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Ethnobotanical studies of medicinal plants used by Traditional Health Practitioners in the management of diabetes in Lower Eastern Province, Kenya.
The findings of this study are important in the management of diabetes and future research on traditional medicine in drug development. Expand
An ethnobotanical study of medicinal plants used by the Masaai people of Losho, Kenya
This survey showed that although people in study area have access to modern medical facility Losho Dispensary but a lot of them still continue to depend on medicinal plants for the treatment of healthcare problems. Expand
Multiple readout assay for hormonal (androgenic and antiandrogenic) and cytotoxic activity of plant and fungal extracts based on differential prostate cancer cell line behavior.
The differential behavior of the two prostate cancer cell lines allows the discrimination between potential androgenic or antiandrogenic activities and effects on the estrogen or glucocorticoid receptor as well as cytotoxic activities. Expand
Zanthoxylum usambarense (Engl.) Kokwaro (Rutaceae) Extracts Inhibit the Growth of the Breast Cancer Cell Lines MDA‐MB‐231 and MCF‐7, But Not the Brain Tumour Cell Line U251 In Vitro
The present findings demonstrated that Z. usambarense could be a potential source for new cytotoxic compounds for possible anticancer drug development. Expand
Tropane alkaloids from Erythroxylum emarginatum
A tropane alkaloid, anhydroecgonine methyl ester N-oxide (2), was isolated for the first time as a naturally occurring compound, with anhydroecgonine methyl ester (1) from the bark of ErythroxylumExpand
Prenylated Pterocarpanes from Erythrina melanacantha
A new compound was identified as 2’,3’-epoxy-homoedudiol [3-hydroxy-8-(3,3-dimethyl-oxiranyl-methyl)pterocarpane], which was elucidated by interpretation of their 1D and 2D NMR spectra. Expand
Multiple use patterns of medicinal trees in an urban forest in Nairobi, Kenya
Abstract Medicinal plants support the healthcare needs of the most vulnerable human populations, including the rapidly increasing urban poor in developing countries. However, little is known aboutExpand