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Beyond anarchy: logics of political organization, hierarchy, and international structure
Many scholars now argue for deemphasizing the importance of international anarchy in favor of focusing on hierarchy – patterns of super- and subordination – in world politics. We argue that only oneExpand
Oil, Autocratic Survival, and the Gendered Resource Curse: When Inefficient Policy Is Politically Expedient
Economic development generally promotes women’s autonomy. Yet women in resource-rich autocracies fare more poorly than women in similarly wealthy industrial and postindustrial states. Some attributeExpand
Synthetic Experiences: How Popular Culture Matters for Images of International Relations
Many researchers assert that popular culture warrants greater attention from international relations scholars. Yet work regarding the effects of popular culture on international relations has so farExpand
Political Outcome Bias in Grading: Identifying Problems and Suggesting Solutions
Political bias in the academy is a topic of great controversy. Many conservatives have argued that liberals dominate American campuses and use their classrooms to indoctrinate students or toExpand
Democracy and Collective Identity in the EU and the USA
Core state powers continue moving to the centre of the European polity, yet a sense of collective identity among EU citizens remains fragile. We argue that participatory democracy at the EuropeanExpand
Defending Hierarchy from the Moon to the Indian Ocean: Symbolic Capital and Political Dominance in Early Modern China and the Cold War
Abstract Why do leading actors invest in costly projects that they expect will not yield appreciable military or economic benefits? We identify a causal process in which concerns about legitimacyExpand
International Hegemony Meets Domestic Politics: Why Liberals can be Pessimists
  • P. Musgrave
  • Political Science
  • Security Studies
  • 17 April 2019
Abstract Many theories of hegemonic orders assume that systemic incentives will discipline the hegemon to maintain a status quo policy supporting that order. These theories make too strong a claimExpand
An investigation of cued recall of multiattribute stimuli
Memory performance for sequences of letters positioned in particular spatial locations in a 3 x 3 grid was examined by requiring participants to recall attributes of the target stimuli given 1 or 2Expand
Refining the Oil Curse
Is there a resource curse? Some scholars argue that resource income is associated with slower transitions to democracy; others contend that the negative effects of resources are conditional onExpand