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On the long‐period lunar and solar effects on the motion of an artificial satellite: 2.
The disturbing function for the long-period lunisolar effects is developed into a series of polynomials in the components of the vectorial elements in the direction to the disturbing body. ThisExpand
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The Influence of the Solar Radiation Pressure on the Motion of an Artificial Satellite
This article reports an investigation of the effect of solar radiation pressure on the motion of an artificial satellite. The theory has been applied to the orbit of the Vanguard I satellite, and isExpand
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The theory of a 24-hour satellite and the conditions for its stability are given. Bohlin's resonance theory was applied to obtain the solution. It is shown that the integrals of the problem can beExpand
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Development of the Lunar and Solar Perturbations in the Motion of an Artificial Satellite
Problems relating to the influence of lunar and solar perturbations on the motion of artificial satellites are analyzed by an extension of Cayley's development of the perturbative function in theExpand
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Special perturbations of the vectorial elements
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On the long-period lunisolar effect in the motion of the artificial satellite
This article contains two systems of formulas for the determination of the long-period perturbations caused by the sun and the moon in the motion of an artificial satellite. The first system can beExpand
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On the high order effects in the methods of Krylov-Bogoliubov and Poincare
Determining higher order perturbations for lunar orbiter by Krylov-Bololiubov and Poincare methods
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The calculation of literal expansions
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Application of Hansen's theory to the motion of an artificial satellite in the gravitational field of the Earth
In order to draw geophysical and geodetic conclusions from the motion of the artificial satellite, we need an accurate theory that will permit the easy inclusion of any gravitational term. ThisExpand
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