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Radiological staging of the chest and abdomen in head and neck squamous cell carcinoma--are computed tomography and ultrasound necessary?
The need for, and choice of, radiological staging investigations for distant metastases in the management of head and neck squamous cell carcinoma is a contentious issue. To address this problem aExpand
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Nasal septal surgery: is routine follow-up necessary?
An audit project was undertaken to appraise the outcome of 95 cases of septal surgery over a 12-month period, taking into account the subjective alteration of symptoms, appearances at anteriorExpand
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Role of smaller members in the SAARC forum
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A randomised clinical trial of antiseptic nasal carrier cream and silver nitrate cautery in the treatment of recurrent anterior epistaxis.
Sixty-four consecutive patients with a history of recurrent epistaxis were randomly assigned in the outpatient clinic to receive treatment with either Naseptin antiseptic nasal carrier cream aloneExpand
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Dissection tonsillectomy: pattern of post-operative pain, medication and resumption of normal activity.
A prospective study of 99 adults undergoing tonsillectomy was carried out to determine the pattern of post-operative pain, intake of medication and timing of return to work and normal swallowing. TheExpand
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Modified tragal cartilage--temporoparietal and deep temporal fascia sandwich graft technique for repair of nasal septal perforations.
Fifteen cases of nasal septal perforation were repaired with a tragal cartilage--temporoparietal and deep temporal fascia sandwich technique using a modification of the approach previously describedExpand
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Surgery for pharyngeal pouch: audit of management with short- and long-term follow-up.
A review was undertaken of 103 patients with pharyngeal pouch presenting over a 10-year period. Management was conservative in 35 patients and 68 patients were treated using external diverticulectomyExpand
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Fine needle aspiration cytology of head and neck lesions: an early experience.
Fine needle aspiration cytology (FNAC) was performed on 91 patients with lesions of salivary glands and cervical lymph nodes. The results were compared with histopathology in 58 patients whoExpand
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An unusual, severe adverse reaction to silver nitrate cautery for epistaxis in an immunocompromised patient.
Silver nitrate cautery is frequently used to control epistaxis. Although relatively free of side effects, we have encountered a case of a severe mucocutaneous reaction to silver nitrate cautery toExpand
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Parotidectomy through a rhytidectomy incision.
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