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The Community Teacher: A New Framework for Effective Urban Teaching
This volume provides readers with a blueprint for the professional development of urban teachers (K -- 12) that fosters new communities of learning, embraces diversity, and prepares teachers throughExpand
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Law, Relationships, and Private Enforcement: Transactional Strategies of Russian Enterprises
We examine how Russian enterprises do business with one another, focusing on the strategies used to obtain efficiency and predictability in their transactions. Using survey data, the paper analyzesExpand
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Race, Culture, and Schooling: Identities of Achievement in Multicultural Urban Schools
Contents: Preface. Part I: Theoretical Framework. Dilemmas of Diversity in Urban Education: Race, Culture and Underachievement. Overview of Situated-Mediated Identity Theory. Cultural PracticesExpand
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Identifying Reticent Respondents: Assessing the Quality of Survey Data on Corruption and Values
We implement a methodology that identifies respondents who are reticent in answering sensitive questions on surveys. The methodology entails asking a series of randomized response questions andExpand
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法律在中国�?济�?�展中的作用 (The Role of Law in China's Economic Development)
The English version of this paper is at: http://ssrn.com/abstract=878672Chinese Abstract: 本文评价中国正式法律制度的发展,并分析其在后毛的经济改革时代所起到的作用。我们发现“权利假设”(即认为经济发展需要一种能够提供稳定和具有可预测性的财产权和合同权的理论)对于解释中国的经济发展的作用不大。EnglishExpand
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Postural sway following inversion sprain of the ankle.
The single-limb sway of 20 individuals with a history of unilateral inversion ankle sprain was compared to that of a control group of 30 individuals without a history of ankle sprain. Using a forceExpand
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Can Neoclassical Economics Underpin the Reform of Centrally Planned Economies
This paper addresses whether neoclassical economics can provide the intellectual underpinning for a theory of reform. I examine whether the neoclassical model satisfies an essential condition toExpand
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In Search of Responsive Teaching for African American Males: An Investigation of Students' Experiences of Middle School Mathematics Curriculum
INTRODUCTION One of the most troubling problems in urban education in the United States today is that African American children, particularly males, have been categorically underserved by publicExpand
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Do Competition and Ownership Affect Enterprise Efficiency in the Absence of Market Institutions? Evidence after Privatization in Mongolia
Mongolia's mass privatization program was implanted in a country that lacked the very basic institutions of capitalism. This paper examines the effects of competition and ownership on the efficiencyExpand
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