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American Civilization
Autopoietic societies have produced three major images of civilization: the Greco-Roman, the Eurocentric Western, and the Settler Society type. The most important incarnation of the latter to dateExpand
Imagination: Three Models of Imagination in the Age of the Knowledge Economy
[Extract] Advancement in the arts and sciences is a primary driver of economic production and social policy in post-industrial societies. Imagination steps back and asks 'what advances the arts andExpand
Knowledge Capitalism
This article examines contemporary forms of capitalism that have the arts and the sciences as their basis. It highlights the role of civics in forging modes of intellectual capitalism, and theExpand
Creativity and the Global Knowledge Economy
This is a major work by three international scholars at the cutting edge of new research that investigates the emerging set of complex relationships between creativity, design, research, higherExpand
Communication Researchers and Policy Making
Closure failures for safety
Ernest Sosa and others have proposed a safety condition on knowledge: If S knows p, then in the nearest (non-actual) worlds in which S believes p, p is true. 1 Colloquially, this is the idea thatExpand
'You Are Wasting My Time': Why Limits on Connectivity Are Essential for Economies of Creativity
This article explores ways in which the connectivity that enables the knowledge economy also constrains it. Knowledge economies prosper through inventing processes that save energy, time, and money.Expand
Evidence, proof, and facts : a book of sources
Preface Table of Works Represented, with Abbreviations Used Evidence, Proof, and Facts: Introductory Essay 1. The Concept of Evidence and the Law of Evidence SECTION 1: WHAT IS EVIDENCE? Bentham,Expand
Trust, Rationality and the Virtual Team
In Defense of Sensitivity
The sensitivity condition on knowledge says that one knows that P only if one would not believe that P if P were false. Expand