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Assessment of contamination by heavy metals and petroleum hydrocarbons in sediments of Montevideo Harbour (Uruguay).
Principal components analysis confirmed that the inner harbour region is most severely affected by the pollutants and it was possible to differentiate three regions according to their environmental quality. Expand
Testing the applicability of a Marine Biotic Index (AMBI) to assessing the ecological quality of soft-bottom benthic communities, in the South America Atlantic region.
The applicability of the AZTI's Marine Biotic Index (AMBI) is tested, to establish the benthic health of the ecosystem using these data sets, and its general applicability to new geographical locations is discussed. Expand
Spatial distribution of organic matter in the surface sediments of Ubatuba Bay (Southeastern - Brazil)
Analyses of organic matter content, organic carbon, nitrogen, sulfur and granulometric variables were performed on 101 surface sediment samples from Ubatuba Bay in order to investigate the spatialExpand
Benthic trophic status of sediments in a metropolitan area (Rio de la Plata estuary): Linkages with natural and human pressures
Abstract We evaluated the benthic trophic status of the Montevideo coastal zone-Rio de la Plata estuary using the quantity and the biochemical composition of sedimentary organic matter as syntheticExpand
Trophic structure of polychaetes in the São Sebastião Channel (southeastern Brazil)
There were no significant seasonal variations in the trophic structure over the study period, except in fall when densities were low, and a strong correlation between trophIC groups and sediment variables such as grain size and organic carbon content was found. Expand
Petroleum contamination impact on macrobenthic communities under the influence of an oil refinery: Integrating chemical and biological multivariate data
Abstract Petroleum contamination impact on macrobenthic communities in the northeast portion of Todos os Santos Bay was assessed combining in multivariate analyses, chemical parameters such asExpand
Foraminiferal responses to polluted sediments in the Montevideo coastal zone, Uruguay.
Differences among foraminiferal assemblages seemed to be related to the combined action of the several kinds of pollutants and the natural abiotic variables, like the rapid salinity changes that occurred in this area. Expand
Ecosystem health of Montevideo coastal zone: A multi approach using some different benthic indicators to improve a ten-year-ago assessment
Abstract A study on the benthic ecosystem health was performed to assess the environmental quality of Montevideo coastal zone, in view of the construction of a new sanitation system. Data wereExpand
Spatial variability of three benthic indices for marine quality assessment in a subtropical estuary of Southern Brazil.
A congruence test to real-world data of the widely used indices AMBI, M-AMBI and BENTIX in tidal flats of a subtropical estuary finds a low degree of similarity among indices as an expression of the spatial variation of macrofaunal assemblages on their performances. Expand