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Some Aspects of Neogene Biostratigraphy in the Pannonian Basin: Chapter 6
The Pannonian basin was a part of the Central Paratethys sea, which existed from Oligocene to Pliocene time. The Paratethys depositional sequence can be divided into three distinct phases: the
Temporal trends in heavy metal concentrations in the clam Egeria radiata (Bivalvia: Tellinacea: Donacidae) from the Cross River, Nigeria
Temporal variations in the concentrations of lead, cadmium, nickel, and zinc were observed in the dried tissue of Egeria radiata (Lam) (Bivalvia : Tellinacea : Donacidae) which were collected ut
Miocene Decapoda and Mollusca from Ramsel (province of Antwerpen, Belgium), with a new crab genus and a new cephalopod species
The palaeoecology of the decapod fauna is discussed and compared with Paratethyan occurrences and a new coleoid cephalopod species, Spirulirostra baetensi sp.
A survey of residues of oganochlorine pesticides in hen eggs in Uganda.
It was concluded that contamination of hen eggs with residues of organochlorine pesticides from areas In Uganda that were considered in this study presents a low health risk to the consumers, and that organoch chlorine residue levels in hen eggs in Uganda were relatively lower than those reported from other African countries.