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Nitrate toxicity toPenaeus monodon protozoea
Increased levels of nitrate occur in natural waters due to pollution, and in aquaculture systems from nitrification and addition of microalgal cultures for feeding. Static bioassays showed thatExpand
Limited scope for latitudinal extension of reef corals
Not as deep As our climate warms, many species ranges are predicted to shift toward the warmer poles. Focusing solely on temperatures, however, ignores many factors that change across latitudes, suchExpand
Diverse Staghorn Coral Fauna on the Mesophotic Reefs of North-East Australia
Concern for the future of reef-building corals in conditions of rising sea temperatures combined with recent technological advances has led to a renewed interest in documenting the biodiversity ofExpand
Recognition of separate genera within Acropora based on new morphological, reproductive and genetic evidence from Acropora togianensis, and elevation of the subgenus Isopora Studer, 1878 to genus
Many attempts have been made to recognise divisions within Acropora, the most diverse reef building coral genus on modern reefs, but only subgenera Acropora and Isopora are currently recognised. InExpand
Comparative Analyses of Coding and Noncoding DNA Regions Indicate that Acropora (Anthozoa: Scleractina) Possesses a Similar Evolutionary Tempo of Nuclear vs. Mitochondrial Genomes as in Plants
Evidence suggests that the mitochondrial (mt)DNA of anthozoans is evolving at a slower tempo than their nuclear DNA; however, parallel surveys of nuclear and mitochondrial variations and calibratedExpand
A Diverse Assemblage of Reef Corals Thriving in a Dynamic Intertidal Reef Setting (Bonaparte Archipelago, Kimberley, Australia)
The susceptibility of reef-building corals to climatic anomalies is well documented and a cause of great concern for the future of coral reefs. Reef corals are normally considered to tolerate only aExpand
The scleractinian corals of Moreton Bay, eastern Australia: high latitude, marginal assemblages with increasing species richness
Moreton Bay, located 27°S on the east coast of Australia, provides a rare instance of urban, subtropical, marginal coral reefs in an urbanised environment, adjacent to a major city 500 km south ofExpand
Diversity of Scleractinia and Octocorallia in the mesophotic zone of the Great Barrier Reef, Australia
Mesophotic coral reefs in the Indo-West Pacific, the most diverse coral reef region on earth, are among the least documented. This study provides the first detailed investigation of the diversity ofExpand
Lower Mesophotic Coral Communities (60-125 m Depth) of the Northern Great Barrier Reef and Coral Sea
Mesophotic coral ecosystems in the Indo-Pacific remain relatively unexplored, particularly at lower mesophotic depths (≥60 m), despite their potentially large spatial extent. Here, we used a remotelyExpand