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Tensor Algebras overC*-Correspondences: Representations, Dilations, andC*-Envelopes☆
Tensor algebras overC*-correspondences are noncommutative generalizations of the disk algebra. They contain, as special cases, analytic crossed products, semi-crossed products, and Popescu'sExpand
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Adding tails to C*-correspondences
We describe a method of adding tails to C*-correspondences which generalizes the process used in the study of graph C*-algebras. We show how this technique can be used to extend results for augmentedExpand
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On Isometries of Operator Algebras
We study the Banach space isometries of triangular subalgebras of C*-algebras that contain diagonals in the sense of Kumjian. Under a mild technical assumption, we prove that every isometry betweenExpand
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On the Morita Equivalence of Tensor Algebras
Our objective is two fold. First, we want to develop a notion of Morita equivalence for C-correspondences that guarantees that if two C-correspondences E and F are Morita equivalent, then the tensorExpand
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Topological Quivers
Topological quivers are generalizations of directed graphs in which the sets of vertices and edges are locally compact Hausdorff spaces. Associated to such a topological quiver Q is aExpand
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We study the structure of quantum Markov Processes from the point of view of product systems and their representations.
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Tensor Algebras, Induced Representations, and the Wold Decomposition
Our objective in this sequel to (18) is to develop extensions, to representations of tensor algebras over C � -correspondences, of two fundamental facts about isometries on Hilbert space: The WoldExpand
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Categories of Operator Modules: Morita Equivalence and Projective Modules
Introduction Preliminaries Morita contexts Duals and projective modules Representations of the linking algebra $C^*$-algebras and Morita contexts Stable isomorphisms Examples Appendix-More recentExpand
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Hardy algebras, W*-correspondences and interpolation theory
Abstract.Given a von Neumann algebra M and a W*-correspondence E over M, we construct an algebra H∞(E) that we call the Hardy algebra of E. When M= =E, H∞(E) is the classical Hardy space H∞ ofExpand
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