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Methods of theoretical physics
Allis and Herlin Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics Becker Introduction to Theoretical Mechanics Clark Applied X-rays Collin Field Theory of Guided Waves Evans The Atomic Nucleus Finkelnburg
Diatomic Molecules According to the Wave Mechanics. II. Vibrational Levels
An exact solution is obtained for the Schroedinger equation representing the motions of the nuclei in a diatomic molecule, when the potential energy function is assumed to be of a form similar to
Vibration and Sound
DR. P. M. MORSE who has made a number of contributions to theoretical atomic physics, shows in the present book that the new mathematical techniques which have been developed for the working out of
Methods of Mathematical Physics
1. The real variable 2. Scalars and vectors 3. Tensors 4. Matrices 5. Multiple integrals 6. Potential theory 7. Operational methods 8. Physical applications of the operational method 9. Numerical