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Algorithms for digital image processing in diabetic retinopathy
This work examined recent literature on digital image processing in the field of diabetic retinopathy and classified algorithms into a small number of categories, definition of terms and discussion of evolving techniques will provide guidance to algorithm designers for diabetic Retinopathy. Expand
Interpreting Line Drawings Using a Clustering Technique
The paper concentrates on the clustering technique and provides a summary of the line labelling process used, which is indicated by the authors' ability to see impossible objects. Expand
An array processing language for transputer networks
This paper outlines a language designed to facilitate the solution of problems which involve some array processing, called LATIN, and is currently being implemented on a transputer network. Expand
IAL: a parallel image processing programming language
The authors describe a high-level programming language for image processing, called IAL (image algebra language), based on image algebra (a mathematical notation developed specifically for low-level image processing at the University of Florida). Expand
Efficient implementation of a portable parallel programming model for image processing
Efficiency is achieved by the concept of a self-optimising class library of primitive image processing operations, which allows programs to be written in a high level, algebraic notation and which is automatically parallelised (using an application-specific data parallel approach). Expand
A portable abstract machine model for image processing: an implementation technique for software tools
  • P. Morrow, D. Crookes
  • Computer Science
  • Euromicro Workshop on Parallel and Distributed…
  • 27 January 1993
The abstract machine model is presented as a portable implementation technique for the language and environment and two software development tools for parallel image processing are described briefly. Expand
Notes on implementing a language for transputer networks
Some of the features of Latin are outlined, and the strategy for implementing these features is discussed, to build flexible array processing networks if these networks are programmed in occam. Expand
A Self-Optimising Coprocessor Model for Portable Image Processing
The EPIC architecture (Extensible Parallel Image Coprocessor), an image processing-specific software architecture capable of efficient implementation on a range of parallel machines, is outlined. Expand