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Classification and ordination of coastal sand dune vegetation along the Gulf and Caribbean Sea of Mexico
A classification is presented of community types found in the coastal sand dune systems along the Gulf coast and the Caribbean Sea of Mexico. Twenty-eight dune systems were sampled along transectsExpand
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Sand movement as a factor in the distribution of plant communities in a coastal dune system
The semi-mobile coastal sand dune system El Morro de La Mancha at the Gulf of Mexico was studied phytosociologically and ecologically. The floristic gradient resulting from a relevé ordination wasExpand
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Ecologia de la vegetacion de dunas costeras : factores fisicos
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Evaluación cuantitativa de la pérdida de humedales en México
El objetivo fue evaluar la perdida de humedales en Mexico mediante la cartografia disponible y los modelos digitales de elevacion (SRTM), primero abarcando toda su superficie y posteriormenteExpand
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Effects of Burial by Sand on Seedling Growth and Survival in Six Tropical Sand Dune Species from the Gulf of Mexico
In this study, plants of six species ( Chamaecrista chamaecristoides , Palajoxia lindenii , Trachypogon gouini, Canavalia rosea , Ipomoea pes-caprae and Schizachyrium scoparium ) which grow in theExpand
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Patterns of plant species distribution on coastal dunes along the Gulf of Mexico
Floristic data of coastal dunes along the Mexican coast of the Gulf of Mexico were collected from published sources, field work and herbaria. 467 species belonging to seventy-eight families inExpand
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Germination response to temperature, salinity, light and depth of sowing of ten tropical dune species
This study describes the germination responses of ten tropical dune species to several factors to which their seeds are exposed in the field. Species studied were: three sand dune endemicsExpand
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Environmental and anthropogenic factors associated with coastal wetland differentiation in La Mancha, Veracruz, Mexico
At least 10% of the wetlands in Mexico are situated in the State of Veracruz on the central Gulf coast. The region has been intensively used for agriculture by humans for the last thousand years andExpand
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Vegetación y flora de potreros en la Sierra de los Tuxtlas, México
Floristic composition and vegetation structure were studied in 13 pastures located at Los Tuxtlas Range, in Veracruz. The studied sites were originally covered by tropical rain forest. Today’sExpand
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A comparative study of the effects of fluctuations in temperature and moisture supply on hard coat dormancy in seeds of coastal tropical legumes in Mexico
The effect of fluctuations in temperature and moisture supply on hard seeds of nine tropical coastal sand dune legumes, including herbs ( Schrankia atiadrivalvis, Macropiilium atropurpureum andExpand
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