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An integral involving generalized function of two variables
The aim of the present paper is to evaluate an infinite integral whose integrand is a product of the H-function and a double Mellin-Barnes type contour integral. The integral evaluated here is one ofExpand
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Undifferentiated Carcinoma With Osteoclastic Giant Cells of the Pancreas: Clinicopathologic Analysis of 38 Cases Highlights a More Protracted Clinical Course Than Currently Appreciated
Undifferentiated carcinomas with osteoclastic giant cells of the pancreas (OGC) are rare tumors. The current impression in the literature is that they are highly aggressive tumors similar inExpand
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Hypervascular hepatic focal lesions: spectrum of imaging features.
Detection and characterization of liver lesions often present a diagnostic challenge to the radiologists. Liver lesions may be classified as hypovascular and hypervascular based on degree of hepaticExpand
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Magnetic resonance imaging of rectal cancer: staging and restaging evaluation
Abstract Magnetic resonance imaging is used to non-invasively stage and restage rectal adenocarcinomas. Accurate staging is important as the depth of tumor extension and the presence or absence ofExpand
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Imaging Complications of Renal Transplantation.
Renal transplant complications are categorized as those related to the transplant vasculature, collecting system, perinephric space, renal parenchyma, and miscellaneous complications includingExpand
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Paraduodenal Pancreatitis: Imaging and Pathologic Correlation of 47 Cases Elucidates Distinct Subtypes and the Factors Involved in its Etiopathogenesis
Clinicopathologic characteristics of paraduodenal (groove) pancreatitis (PDP) remain to be fully unraveled. In this study, 47 PDPs with preoperative enhanced images available were subjected toExpand
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Spectrum of Extratesticular and Testicular Pathologic Conditions at Scrotal MR Imaging.
Diagnostic workup of scrotal lesions should begin with a complete clinical history and physical examination, including analysis of risk factors such as family history of testicular cancer, personalExpand
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Reminiscing on Remnants: Imaging of Meckel Diverticulum and Its Complications in Adults.
OBJECTIVE Meckel diverticulum may become symptomatic if it is complicated by hemorrhage, intestinal obstruction, diverticulitis, or tumor. Although classically described in children, it is oftenExpand
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The H-function transform II
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Algorithm for error adjustment of potential field data along a survey network
Gravity and magnetic surveys on sea, land, or air invariably exhibit discrepancies at intersections of survey lines. These “misties” have to be removed before any meaningful contour map can beExpand
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