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A procedure for an automated measurement of song similarity
Assessment of vocal imitation requires a widely accepted way of describing and measuring any similarities between the song of a tutor and that of its pupil. Quantifying the similarity between twoExpand
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Temporal structure in neuronal activity during working memory in macaque parietal cortex
We studied the temporal structure of local field potential (LFP) activity and spiking from area LIP in two awake macaques during a memory-saccade task and found spatially tuned elevated power in the gamma band. Expand
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Thalamocortical dysrhythmia: A neurological and neuropsychiatric syndrome characterized by magnetoencephalography.
Spontaneous magnetoencephalographic activity was recorded in awake, healthy human controls and in patients suffering from neurogenic pain, tinnitus, Parkinson's disease, or depression. Compared withExpand
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Analysis of dynamic brain imaging data.
Modern imaging techniques for probing brain function, including functional magnetic resonance imaging, intrinsic and extrinsic contrast optical imaging, and magnetoencephalography, generate largeExpand
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Fluctuations and stimulus-induced changes in blood flow observed in individual capillaries in layers 2 through 4 of rat neocortex.
Cortical blood flow at the level of individual capillaries and the coupling of neuronal activity to flow in capillaries are fundamental aspects of homeostasis in the normal and the diseased brain. ToExpand
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Coherence in Large-Scale Networks: Dimension-Dependent Limitations of Local Feedback
We consider distributed consensus and vehicular formation control problems. Specifically we address the question of whether local feedback is sufficient to maintain coherence in large-scale networksExpand
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Chronux: A platform for analyzing neural signals
Chronux is an open-source software package developed for the analysis of neural data including several specialized mini-packages for spike-sorting, local regression, audio segmentation, and other data-analysis tasks typically encountered by a neuroscientist. Expand
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Multiple neural spike train data analysis: state-of-the-art and future challenges
Multiple electrodes are now a standard tool in neuroscience research that make it possible to study the simultaneous activity of several neurons in a given brain region or across different regions.Expand
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Automatic sorting of multiple unit neuronal signals in the presence of anisotropic and non-Gaussian variability
Neuronal noise sources and systematic variability in the shape of a spike limit the ability to sort multiple unit waveforms recorded from nervous tissue into their single neuron constituents. Expand
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Sampling Properties of the Spectrum and Coherency of Sequences of Action Potentials
The spectrum and coherency are useful quantities for characterizing the temporal correlations and functional relations within and between point processes. Expand
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