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Interactive desktop analysis of high resolution simulations: application to turbulent plume dynamics and current sheet formation
The ever increasing processing capabilities of the supercomputers available to computational scientists today, combined with the need for higher and higher resolution computational grids, has
Shell-to-shell energy transfer in magnetohydrodynamics. I. Steady state turbulence.
We investigate the transfer of energy from large scales to small scales in fully developed forced three-dimensional magnetohydrodynamics (MHD) turbulence by analyzing the results of direct numerical
On the Inverse Cascade of Magnetic Helicity
We study the inverse cascade of magnetic helicity in conducting fluids, as pertinent to the generation and dynamics of magnetic fields as observed, e.g., in the solar corona, by investigating the
The interplay between helicity and rotation in turbulence: implications for scaling laws and small-scale dynamics
Using massive numerical simulations, it is shown that small-scale structures and their intermittency properties differ according to whether helicity is present or not, in particular with respect to the emergence of Beltrami core vortices that are laminar helical vertical updraft vortsices.
Scale interactions and scaling laws in rotating flows at moderate Rossby numbers and large Reynolds numbers
The effect of rotation is considered to become important when the Rossby number is sufficiently small, as is the case in many geophysical and astrophysical flows. Here we present direct numerical
Finite dissipation and intermittency in magnetohydrodynamics.
Analysis of data stemming from numerical simulations of decaying magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) turbulence shows that the dissipation in MHD seems to asymptote to a constant as the Reynolds number increases, thereby strengthening the possibility of fast reconnection events in the solar environment for very large Reynolds numbers.
Numerical study of dynamo action at low magnetic Prandtl numbers.
The difficulty of resolving a large range of scales is circumvented by combining direct numerical simulations, a Lagrangian-averaged model and large-eddy simulations, and the flow is generated by the Taylor-Green forcing.
Turbulent cascades, transfer, and scale interactions in magnetohydrodynamics
The nature of the interactions between different scales in magneto- hydrodynamic (MHD) turbulence is important for the understanding of the behaviour of magnetized astrophysical, geophysical and
Preferential concentration of heavy particles in turbulence
Particle-laden flows are of relevant interest in many industrial and natural systems. When the carrier flow is turbulent, a striking feature is the phenomenon called preferential concentration: