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Asian Americans: Contemporary Trends and Issues
Acknowledgments Introduction - Pyong Gap Min Asian Immigration: History and Contemporary Trends - Pyong Gap Min Settlement Patterns and Diversity - Pyong Gap Min The Socioeconomic Attainments of
Immigrant Entrepreneurs: Koreans in Los Angeles, 1965-1982.
Between 1975 and 1982, Korean immigrants entered the entrepreneurial population of Los Angeles in great numbers. They brought new capital and entrepreneurial vigor into the county's economy, and
The Structure and Social Functions of Korean Immigrant Churches in the United States 1
  • P. Min
  • Sociology
  • 24 January 1992
The article focuses on four major social functions of Korean immigrant churches: providing fellowship for Korean immigrants; maintaining the Korean cultural tradition; providing social services for church members and the Korean community as a whole; and 4) providing social status and positions for Korean adult immigrants.
Changes in Korean Immigrants' Gender Role and Social Status, and Their Marital Conflicts
Based on survey and ethnographic research conducted in New York, this paper shows how the discrepancy between Korean immigrant women's increased economic role and persistence of their husbands'
Changes and conflicts : Korean immigrant families in New York
1.Changes and Conflicts in Family Life. 2.The Korean Community in New York. 3.Confucianism and the Korean Family System. 4.Marital Relations. 5.Child Care and Child Socialization. 6.Adjustment among
Formation of ethnic and racial identities: narratives by young Asian-American professionals
This article examines Asian-American professionals’ ethnic and pan-ethnic attachments and identities through fifteen autobiographical essays. Classical assimilation theory predicts that well-educated
New Pioneers in the Heartland: Hmong Life in Wisconsin@@@Changes and Conflict: Korean Immigrant Families in New York@@@Pride against Prejudice: Haitians in the United States
All Chapters conclude with "Endnotes." 1.Refugee Resettlement and the Hmong. Who are the Hmong? The Impact of the Hmong in Wausau. The Wausau Community. The Hmong in Context of the Indochinese
Immigrant Entrepreneurship and Business Patterns: A Comparison of Koreans and Iranians in Los Angeles 1
There are currently two theoretically controversial issues concerning immigrant and ethnic entrepreneurship in the literature, one on its causes and the other on its consequences. The first is the
Korean immigrants in Los Angeles
A large number of Koreans have been admitted to the United States as legal immigrants since the change in the immigration law in 1965. A significant proportion of the new Korean immigrants have
From White-Collar Occupations to Small Business: Korean Immigrants' Occupational Adjustment
Previous studies indicate that about one-third of Korean immigrant families in the United States are engaged in small business. This paper attempts to explain why such a large proportion of Korean ...