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Effects of Radiochemical Impurities on Measurements of Transfer Constants for [14C]Sucrose Permeation of Normal and Injured Blood–Brain Barrier of Rats
It is concluded that radiolysis of [14C(U)]sucrose yields certain labeled products that readily cross the BBB and that can seriously distort baseline K(i)s , even if present only in very small amounts. Expand
Effects of methylmercury and trimethyltin on cardiac, platelet, and aorta eicosanoid biosynthesis and platelet serotonin release
The effects of two organometals on heart, platelet, and aorta prostaglandin biosynthesis were examined in vitro and Trimethyltin (TMT), another highly toxic organometal, had no effect on prostaglandsin biosynthetic in either heart or aorte incubates. Expand
Altered distribution and excretion of N-1-methylnicotinamide in rats with Walker 256 carcinosarcoma.
Levels of nicotinamide and N-1-methylnicotinamide in serum, liver, and kidney as well as renal clearances and 24-hr urine levels and kidney levels in normal rats and rats bearing Walker 256 tumors were compared in normal and tumor-bearing rats. Expand