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Range queries over skip tree graphs
This work presents a thorough comparison between these two related peer-to-peer overlay networks, their construction, search algorithms and properties, and concludes that Skip Tree Graphs outperform skip graphs on both exact-match and range searches. Expand
Skip Tree Graph: a Distributed and Balanced Search Tree for Peer-to-Peer Networks
Skip Tree Graph is a novel, distributed, data structure for peer-to-peer systems that supports exact-match and order-based queries such as range queries efficiently and maintains the underlying balanced tree structures using randomization and local operations, which provides a greater degree of concurrency and scalability. Expand
Novel FPGA implementations of Walsh-Hadamard transforms for signal processing
The paper describes two approaches suitable for a field-programmable gate-array (FPGA) implementation of fast Walsh-Hadamard transforms. These transforms are important in many signal-processingExpand
SHEPARD: Scheduling on Heterogeneous Platforms Using Application Resource Demands
Experiments using a task parallel application, based on an in-memory database, demonstrate the opportunity for automatic run-time task allocation to achieve speed-up over a static allocation to a single specific device. Expand
Accelerating Matrix Product on Reconfigurable Hardware for Signal Processing
This paper investigates how some of the new features of the Xilinx Virtex FPGA may be used to support efficient and optimised implementation of matrix product based on Multiply and Accumulate (MAC)Expand
A high throughput FPGA implementation of a bit-level matrix product
The paper describes the mathematical model for the algorithm (based on the Baugh-Wooley algorithm), the associated design and implementation of the algorithm on a Xilinx FPGA board, and discusses the efficiency of the implementation. Expand
A Compiler for an Array and Vector Processing Language
A compiler for a Pascal-based language Actus is described, suitable for the expression of the type of parallelism offered by both array and vector processors, and the machine-dependent sections of the compiler have been clearly identified. Expand
Spread spectrum image watermarking based on the discrete shearlet transform
The method employs the multiresolution representation characteristics of the DST to facilitate the modeling of the texture structure of the given image to perform well in comparison with counterpart transforms. Expand
Design of efficient architectures for discrete orthogonal transforms using bit level systolic structures
Novel 1D and 2D bit-level systolic architectures are presented for the efficient implementation of DOTs for image and signal processing and it is shown that the architectures are parameterisable and that the area required by the designs can be predicted for different values of N and n. Expand
A novel technique for unsupervised texture segmentation
This paper presents a novel unsupervised algorithm based on expectation-maximisation algorithm where the analysis is applied on vector data rather than the grey level and a comparison with existing and similar techniques has shown the superiority of the proposed method. Expand