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Cultural and Educational Variations in Maternal Responsiveness
Maternal responsiveness is usually associated to varied forms of behavior contingent on a variety of infant signals. This article on cultural and educational variations in maternal responsivenessExpand
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Women's Schooling and Child Care in the Demographic Transition: A Mexican Case Study
THE QUESTION OF HOW FEMALE SCHOOL ATTENDANCE influences fertility and child survival in developing countries has emerged as an important problem in the analysis of demographic change and theExpand
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Parental behavior in diverse societies
The United States is currently engaged in a public discourse over what constitutes good child care, who should do it, and what effects it has on children, occasioned by a rapid increase ofExpand
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A Quantitative Behavioral Model of Developmental Stage Based upon the Model of Hierarchical Complexity
Behavior analytic theories have focused on explaining the acquisition of relatively simple behavior (the behavior of nonhuman species, of infants, and of individuals who are mentally retarded orExpand
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Stress and the forensic psychiatrist: a pilot study.
What are the sources of perceived occupational stress, and how troublesome are they to forensic psychiatrists? To examine these questions 1,800 90-item questionnaires were sent to the membership ofExpand
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The Relationship of Selected Two-dimensional Echocardiographic Measurements to the Racing Performance of 5431 Yearlings and 2003 Two-year-old Thoroughbred Racehorses
Two-dimensional echocardiographic (2DE) measurements of 5431 yearlings and 2003 two-year-old Thoroughbred racehorses, grouped by age, sex, body size, auction, subsequent earnings, and racingExpand
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Medication-assisted treatment research with criminal justice populations: challenges of implementation.
Creating, implementing and evaluating substance abuse interventions, especially medication-assisted treatments, for prisoners, parolees, and probationers with histories of heroin addiction is anExpand
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Expert witness perceptions of bias in experts.
A pilot study of perceptions of different sources of expert bias, as well as of personal investment in case outcomes, was performed among attendees at a workshop at an annual meeting of the AmericanExpand
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The benefits of attachment parenting for infants and children: A behavioral developmental view.
Parents of infants and young children face many challenges when dealing with negative emotions such as crying, distress, fear and anger. If children experience such emotions chronically, and theseExpand
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