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An Unknown Letter of Hulagu, Il-Khan of Persia, to King Louis IX of France
Edition critique du ms. latin Vienne MS 339, pp. 339-340, texte decouvert par l'A. dans ce codex 339. Il s'agit d'une lettre (redigee directement en latin par un Anglais au service des Mongols, leExpand
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Bede, Cassiodorus, and the Codex Amiatinus
L'A. cherche a mettre en evidence la filiation de la pensee entre Cassiodore, Bede le Venerable et le Codex Amiatinus. Il commence par montrer que les Institutiones est un ouvrage de Cassiodore, unExpand
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The Date of Bede's "In Ezram" and His Image of Ezra in the Codex Amiatinus
St. Augustine, in a passage of his De Genesi ad litteram cited by the Venerable Bede, had paused to wonder if tilling the ground, farming, was really a chastise ment imposed by God on mankind becauseExpand
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Les origines de la Mappae Clavicula
L'A., apres un inventaire des contributions precedentes sur ce sujet, entend demontrer que la " Mappae Clavicula ", dont le manuscrit latin le plus ancien est de la fin du X s. est la traduction d'unExpand
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The Art of Words: Bede and Theodulf
Contents: Preface Bede and the church paintings at Wearmouth-Jarrow Bede's Capitula Lectionum for the Old and New Testaments 'In the footsteps of the fathers': the date of Bede's 30 Questions on theExpand
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Bede and the church paintings at Wearmouth–Jarrow
Bede's remarks about the paintings placed by Benedict Biscop in his twin Northumbrian monasteries of Wearmouth and Jarrow have often been quoted, but I do not think they have ever been examined orExpand
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