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Architectural requirements of parallel scientific applications with explicit communication
We quantify the floating point, memory, I/O and communication requirements of highly parallel scientific applications running on distributed memory parallel computers. Expand
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A Saliency-based Convolutional Neural Network for Table and Chart Detection in Digitized Documents
We propose a saliency-based fully-convolutional neural network performing multi-scale reasoning on visual cues followed by a fully-connected conditional random field (CRF) for localizing tables and charts in digital/digitized documents. Expand
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The Scalable I/O Initiative
This white paper describes a collaborative project that brings together systems software developers, computer vendors, and applications teams to develop hardware and software systems to supportExpand
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Tore-Supra infrared thermography system, a real steady-state diagnostic
Abstract Tore-Supra Tokamak ( I p  = 1.5 MA, B t  = 4 T) has been constructed with a steady-state magnetic field using super-conducting magnets and water-cooled plasma facing components (PFCs) forExpand
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Status of power balance monitoring for long pulse operation at Tore Supra
A short review of diagnostics and techniques for active power exhaust control is given from the point of view of experiences gained at Tore Supra. The physical and technological aspects are presentedExpand
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Hybrid technology multithreaded architecture
The objective of the hybrid technology multithreaded architecture (HTMT) research is to determine the feasibility and structure of a parallel architecture integrating the combined capabilities of semiconductor, superconductor, and optical technologies. Expand
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Distributed supercomputing applications
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Scanning tunneling microscope design with a confocal small field permanent magnet
The field of ultra-sensitive measurements with scanning probes requires the design and construction of novel instruments. For example, the combination of radio frequency detection and scanning probeExpand
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Performance Of Mulitprocessor Structures For Fast Digital Sar Processing
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